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Who is Gunnar?

Divorce Lawyer

Gunnar has been with the company Per Bruhn Advokater for 10 years, and it is a prerequisite for Gunnar to be that kind of a divorce lawyer that divorce lawyers most often are not.

For Gunnar, it is essential always to look at what benefits the involved children the most, so that they are not ‘squeezed’ in their parents’ conflict.

Of course, this mainly goes for the smaller children, but one should not forget, that even soon-to-be grown up children normally are under pressure by their parents’ divorce when for instance division of assets is being made. For this reason, Gunnar emphasizes the importance of doing everything possible not to escalate the conflict between the parties.

Philanthropy is important to Gunnar and for this reason he has in more occassions on a regular basis offered free counseling for battered women at a crisis center.

Gunnar is not a psychologist, but over the years he has accumulated in-depth knowledge of various personality disorders, including narcissism, borderline etc. However, Gunnar is aware that parties in a divorce may be under so much pressure that they may have a behavior similar to that of a person with personality disorder, but instead this may represent ‘only’ a crisis and grief process.

After several years abroad, Gunnar speaks and writes English, French and German; legal advice however, is based on Danish law with in-depth knowledge of international private law.

Gunnar offers assistance to Danes moving back to Denmark or foreigners in the need of legal assistance when divorcing in Denmark.

Articles etc. about / by / with Gunnar Liberoth (IN DANISH)

In his spare time…

In his spare time, Gunnar relaxes with a chainsaw in his hand in the garden of his summer house on the north/west coast in Sealand, Denmark. Gunnar is dedicated in the school life and leisure activities of his two teenagers – as long as they allow him to do so! One can therefore often meet him behind the referee’s table in a handball hall or in the middle of repairing fences in a riding club – when he is not occupied with meetings at the children’s school…

Main responsibilities

  • Divorce counseling in ‘children’s perspective’ (Link to page in Danish; (Skilsmisserådgivning i ‘børnehøjde’™)

    • Parental custody, place of residence, child contact / visitation rights and child support/maintenance.
    • Counseling always with focus on de-escalation of the conflict based on the child’s needs.
    • Attendance at meetings at the Agency of Family Law, ‘Familieretshuset’.
    • Handling of application for free trial cases.
    • Participation in court mediation and litigation in the Danish Family Court.
  • Divorce counseling in ‘grown up’s perspective’ (Link to page in Danish; (Skilsmisserådgivning i ‘voksenhøjde’)

    • Legal separation, divorce, spousal alimony/maintenance, pension rights, division of assets and property.
    • Counseling always with flair for fair division of assets.
    • Submission of case to the local probate court.
    • Participation in settlement meetings at the probate court.
    • Contact to property division executor appointed by the probate court.
    • International family law and jurisdiction.

Other responsibilities

  • Litigation at the civil courts.
  • Debt collection in Denmark and abroad.
  • Responsible of Public Relations.


  • Danish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Swedish

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